How to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Kill bed bugs

Get rid of bed bugs

Eliminate bed bugs

Whatever the words you use – you’re interested in ONE THING!

Making Bed Bugs B-Gone!

This is a personal Blog. I know the horror, the shame, and the frustration of dealing with Bed Bugs.

We’ve all heard the mothers admonishment to “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”… but, like most, I thought they were something from the past that had been eliminated in modern society. You know, like the plague!

Oh, how wrong I was!

Turns out, bed bugs infestations are on the rise across the developed world. I lived in an apartment, and sure enough – I got them.

Just about 1 year later – now married, living in a home (not the apartment) we got them again!  Oddly, it came right after an overseas cruise. Hmmmmm, sounds like we had hitchhikers on the luggage.

And they are a PAIN to get rid of!

This blog will help give you means to :

  • Identify the bed bugs.
  • Are they dangerous?
  • How to get rid of them.

If you’re in a hurry HERE is the best resource I’ve seen detailing how to get rid of Bed Bugs from your HOME!


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Risks of DIY Bed Bug Treatment

The Huffington Post reports on the risks of DIY bed bug treatment with insight from others in the industry. 

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1st Boot Camp of 2014 – Will You Be There?!

BETTER MANAGE BED BUGS THROUGH FIELD-TRAINING. BedBug University Boot Camp - February 18 - 21, 2014 in Lawrenceville, NJ. ONLY 3 spots remain - register today! 

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BBC CEO Wins Corporate Citizen of the Year Award

“As corporate leaders there comes great responsibility to be great corporate citizens; tirelessly promoting diversity, helping those in need and raising awareness for civic, charitable and health causes,” says Cooper. 

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Experts Predict Increase in Bed Bug Cases for 2014

There’s one thing on which top entomologists agree: The current bed bug infestation has not yet reached its peak in the U.S. According to experts, the current surge in U.S. bed bug infestations began around 2004, but didn’t hit the national news until 2010, when multi-unit dwellings began to experience issues with the pesky bugs.

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Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays – Free Bed Bug Charity

Applications Being Accepted For Free Bed Bug Services During Holiday Season. Bed Bugs Infestations are on the Rise, Wreaking Havoc in Households and on Wallets of Those Who Can’t Afford Treatment

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LAST Boot Camp of 2013

Boot Camp is a unique four-day course designed to educate as well as provide valuable hands-on field experience. Join us for our final Boot Camp of 2013 November 19 - 22 in New Jersey!

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Expert Tips for Parents to Stay Bed Bug Free as They Prepare for Back to School

With bed bug populations on the rise, protecting your home and family from bed bugs has become a growing concern among parents, especially as they prepare to send their children back to school.

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Annual Cockroach Derby Crowns 2013 Winner

Chris Christie took the title at this year's New Jersey Pest Management Association's (NJPMA) 17th Annual Cockroach Derby. Christie defeated Democratic challenger Barbara Buono, whose jockey road on the back of a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach.

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Our Perspective – Marketers of Bed Bug Products Settle With FTC

We hope that this is a warning to manufacturers when it comes to making claims about their products. Many industries are plagued with this problem and we’re hoping this starts to serve as an example to manufactures making claims about their products.

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BedBug Central Introduces New Guide to TRAVEL bedbugFREE

This guide is written for those that want to travel smart and take precautions to avoid bed bugs while traveling. Containing some of the best tips and tricks for steering clear of bed bugs during your travels, this guide also has suggested products for you to use before going away, during your trip and when returning home.

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